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O.K. stavební Červený Kostelec

O.K. stavební s.r.o. was founded in 1993. Initially, production was focused on steel structures for the needs of the construction industry. The company's headquarters were always in the Náchod region (Hronov, Bezděkov nad Metují, Červený Kostelec). Currently, the company focuses its production not only on custom steel structures (various types of structures for production and storage steel halls, masts, advertising pylons, ...), but O.K. stavební s.r.o. also carries out the welding of precision technological weldments such as gearboxes, heat exchangers, crushers, semi-finished products for mining technology, conveyor systems for material handling needs, etc. O.K. stavební also manufactures steel bridges for roads and bridges for utility lines. This is based on the possession of a "large welding licence" according to DIN 18 800.

O.K. stavební s.r.o. does its manufacturing in its own production premises (2400 m²), which are adapted and equipped for this purpose - bridge cranes with load capacity from 1 ton up to a max. of 12 tons.


We are able to cut the material in several ways: by laser or oxy-acetylene flame burning on CNC burning machines.
to a thickness of 200 mm for non-alloy (low alloy) material
to a thickness of 8 mm for stainless steel (laser)

Rolled and drawn profiles are cut on Pegasband saws.

O.K. stavební s.r.o. also has basic equipment for machining, such as lathes, milling machines, radial boring machines, horizontal boring machines, etc.

Welding work is carried out in a protective atmosphere, with a non-melting tungsten electrode, coated electrode and tubular wire under the supervision of a welding engineer (IWE/EWE). We also weld stainless steel material. The company employs 30 welders, 18 of whom are "EURO" certified. The supplier of welding equipment is svářečky-kompresory.cz

We also offer the sale of technical gases.

O.K. stavební s.r.o. also runs a welding school, where it trains not only its employees, but also welders from other well-known companies such as the world-famous ŠKODA-AUTO.


O.K. stavební holds the following certificates



The 67.2 KW PPP project on the roof of the O.K. stavební s.r.o. BUILDING LHOTA ZA ČERENÝM KOSTELCEM is co-financed by the European Union.The main objective of the project is to increase the energy efficiency of the production process. The sub-objectives include electricity savings, partial energy self-sufficiency, more efficient use of electricity and reduction of carbon dioxide, particulate pollutants and other emission factors.

Date of implementation: 8/2018 – 4/2020


Project - O.K. stavební s.r.o. production hall Lhota za Červeným Kostelcem - Energy saving measures was co-financed by the European Union.

The grant is being used to insulate the building, replace fillings and purchase welding equipment.


The subject of the project is the digital transformation of the company through the
acquisition of new technological devices and equipment that will be newly connected to
the company's information system.
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