About O.K.stavebni, s.r.o.

OK stavební s.r.o. was founded in 1993 with a view to produce steel structure for mainly building industries´ needs. Nowadays the company produces steel structures custom made, e.g. steel factories and storage buildings, flagpoles for many purposes and welding of industrial weldments such as speed – change boxes, condensers, grinders, semi-finished products for a mining engineering and transport system for material handling´s needs, etc…

The company has its own production premises, equipped and tailored to production. They have around 2400m2 and are equipped with trolley cranes with carrying capacity from 1 ton up to max. 8 tons.

Material is cut in several ways: burning by a laser or autogenous burner on the burning machine which is controlled by a computer. Steel plate is cut up to thickness of max. 200mm and rustless plate up to thickness of max. 8 mm. Shapes are cut by belt saws. The company also produces road-steel bridges, owns a big welding licence in accordance with DIN 18 800 and has basic equipment for machining such as lathes, cutters, radial and horizontal boring machines, etc… Welding production is carried out in controlled atmosphere by a covered electrode or a tube wire in the charge of a technologist. The company also welds rustless material.

OK stavební employes 30 welders – 18 of them have had the EURO certificate.

The company has been producing electric wheel-chairs called EIVO since 2005 – s. www.invalidnivozik.wz.cz

The newest product of the company is an economy contructional shoes cabinet custom made.

Next we offer sale of commercial gases by the company Messer Technogas.

The company OK stavební s.r.o. is also engaged in a welding school. There are not only employees trained but also a lot of employees from the well-known Škoda auto.

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O.K. stavební s.r.o.
Lhota za Červeným Kostelcem 379
549 41 Červený Kostelec
Czech Republic

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T: fax: +420 491 481 380
E: okstavebni@okstavebni.cz

IČ: 49283839, DIČ: CZ49283839

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VAT idententificatin number: 49283839
VAT registration number: CZ49283839

Trade register: Regional court Hradec Králové, division C, inset 4472